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Best Detox Now™

Best Detox Now™ Program
Best Detox Now™ is designed to help those individuals that desire to relieve the associated symptoms of withdrawal. We believe in using the most updated and advanced medical detox protocols to help you stay safe and comfortable during the process of withdrawal. We know that getting free from alcohol or drugs is not an easy task. However, with the latest and most effective evidenced based withdrawal management procedures we can minimize the struggle and difficulty of becoming chemical free from alcohol or drugs.

Best Detox Now™ Expectation   
The first step in the process is to contact our admission specialist which is ready to help you determine if you are a possible candidate for the Best Detox Now™ program. Our admission specialist is available to help you with a free phone screening. During the phone screen, we will help you determine if we are an appropriate facility for your needs. If for some reason, you are not eligible for our program we will help refer you to a program that will meet your needs. We have relationships with hundreds of programs across the nation. We will guide you in the right direction, so all you must do is call our admission specialist and the process will start for you becoming chemical free. You’re only a phone call away from getting on the road to freedom.

Once your confidential phone screen is over and all financial matters are discussed then we will then schedule your admission time. It is very important at this stage of the process not to allow yourself to be talked out of coming to the program. The mind can easily play tricks on you and you can easily find yourself making excuses and delay the admission process. To many critical things can happen to you if you delay the admission process, so don’t fall victim to the delusion that you post pone the admission. Doing so can create more pain and suffering and we have the solution to you not having to unnecessary go through pain and suffering. You have suffered enough already, let us help you stop that suffering and get into a physical and mental free state of mind.

Best Detox Now™ Assessment Process

The assessment process will start as soon as you show up at the facility for your detox. You will sign all admission paperwork and meet our admission specialist who will take you’re through the admitting phase of our program and during this process you will meet our recovery advocate department and be quickly admitted to our detox unit. You will be introduced to our nursing team and go through a nursing assessment and then you will see one of our medical doctors who will see you and determined which course to move forward with you to relieve to relieve your withdrawal symptoms. Hour Medical Doctor will help you with diagnosis with your cooperation. It’s important that you hold back nothing in your history, because sometimes information that you know is important to making the correct diagnosis of the problems you’re going through.