Best Detox Now™

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do you take my insurance?

We currently take most healthcare insurances. We are an in-network insurance provider for most health plans. We currently do not take Tri-care, Medicaid or Medicare. All other insurance companies we can usually accept, and we are an in-network with all the major insurance providers.

2. Do you accept private pay individuals?

Yes, we do accept private payments, and we have one of the most affordable detox rates in the United States. Call our admission specialist to discuss private payment options. 

3. Do I have to go into your residential program if I use your Best Detox Now detoxification program?

No, you do not have to use our residential treatment programs. We highly suggest that you consider the next level of care since the next level of care is residential treatment, please consider this as an option once you have completed our Best Detox Now Program. However, if you have another residential treatment center you would like to attend, just make the admission specialist aware of this pre-negotiated agreement with the residential program, and we will be happy to help facilitate your discharge to the residential program. 

4. Will I see a counselor during detoxification?

Yes, you will be assigned a clinical counselor during detox to discuss your withdrawal management, other concerns and develop a treatment plan and post-discharge plan. You can even discuss other important issues with the assigned counselor. 

5. How long is the Best Detox Now Program?
The typical stay in the Best Detox Now program is 3 to 7 days with some additional time needed for those with medically compromised situations. 

6. Can I use you the phone during the Best Detox Now Program?

Yes, you will have access to a phone in your room where you can make private phone calls.